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The many years of experience of our CNC programmers are a great added value in the form of rapid development, efficient material use, flexibility in changes in subsequent manufacturing phases, and provide additional safeguards for possible design defects.

Dedicated technology allows us to process faster and directly affects cost-effectiveness and quick production.

The process begins with the construction of CAD drawings, delivered by the customer or made to order.

For data transfer and version management, we use standard communication channels such as FTP servers, as well as pre-agreed internal standards for easier understanding of special processes or corrections during the manufacturing process.

An important step in the manufacturing process is CNC programming and preparation for processing.

In the process, we use the latest versions of Solidworks and HyperMill software solutions.

High technology is the future, but one should still not neglect the experience, knowledge and manual work.

In milling we use dedicated CNC machines for soft materials, block materials and wood materials.

The final steps and quality control are done manually. At this stage, the many years of  experience and acquired knowledge come to the foreground.