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About the company

We are a family business with a history that goes back to 1981. We are distinguished primarily by quality, reliability and tradition.

Today, we play an important role in the industry of CNC technologies for milling and molding of soft materials and wood. We are an important link in the added value chain of the automotive industry and we cooperate with the largest Slovene toolmakers such as Kovinoplastika Lož, Gorenje orodjarna, Emo orodjarna, Imenšek orodjarna and others.

Our main activity is the production of all types of models (polystyrene-wood – plastics) for the needs of casting. Most often, these are unique styrofoam models for the production of castings for sheet metal forming tools in the automotive industry. Wooden models are designed for serial production of several identical castings.

Among other services, there are models for the glass industry, models for construction, design models, decorative models, wood production, prototypes and molds from plastics, as well as repairs and changes of existing models according to the technologies of various foundries.

With more than 30 years of experience and the latest CNC technology and CAD software, we offer fast and high quality designs, prototypes and other products.

Konrad Hohler, Director




We present some of the partners we work with.